Astonish Glitch In GTA 5 Online Turns Players Into Billionaires

It seems that no hugely hyped up & video game comes without an attached set of few problems these days. The sheer size and the complexity of newly released games like the SimCity and new Grand Theft Auto V means that there is always going to be some few unwanted little bugs hiding away somewhere surrounding games. When you introduce variants of game that are played purely online, then you can be asking for the real trouble if you don’t get it just right. Rockstar initially had new teething troubles with the GTA Online but it also seems like a bug in invite-only in online games is allowing players to financially benefit to tune of billions.

GTA 5 screenshot

Keen-eyed on video game fanatics have always found a way of accessing the hidden features and cheat modes in the games. I still remember Sonic game The Hedgehog on Sega Mega Drive had these little gems that allowed the Sonic to turned into a white-haired adrenaline monster. However, when bug or glitch directly affects online version of games of this era, then it can cause major upset to all who are involved in game and who doesn’t just affect the one player. That mass upset could explain why the Rockstar are reacting with an iron fist on this specific occasion.

GTA 5 screenshot

The unexpected glitch in game essentially which allows those playing on the Xbox 360 to infinitely profit from selling the same vehicle over and over again. Some may call it the cheating while others may just see it as legitimately profiting from an exploit as found in the game. Whatever your train of thought as is it definitely provides an unfair advantage to players. As Rockstar seem to be more than the justified in their decision to ban the offending players from the game as it’s highly unlikely that they came across to the glitch by chance.

A trick for Xbox owners is to find the vehicle that is valued as close to $50,000 as possible. The reason behind this is that the 50k value is the highest amount that the Los Santos Customs will pay for pimped vehicle. After that acquiring the vehicle through any means necessary then the player has to start a new invite-only online game before heading back to Los Santos Customs shop and then head into the Xbox Game Store. This aforementioned vehicle will magically appear outside of vehicle sale shop. Repeat this process and profit beyond your wildest dreams. Then get your personal GTA Online account banned.

We haven’t seen any kind of official word from Rockstar on this matter yet, but they have reportedly been banning the players without consideration and will continue to do so until this glitch has been fixed. You have been warned.

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